Mechanical Engineer Mustafa Baki Altınalev who was born in İstanbul in 1937, became an officer after had received training in the Air Force Academy. He earned degrees by attending various courses. Combining the various training he received and his dreams, he flew with his own design and also his own production aircraft in 1965. However, this attempt was found strange and trialled by the State Security Courts. Besides his defence, as a result of the statements given by his commanders it was detected that he had done all with entrepreneurial intention and was found innocent but eventually he was deprived of his aircraft and his future works were prevented.

After 22 years of being retired, in 2000 he made a second attempt by setting up a workshop in the garden of his house in Bodrum. During 5 years he continued his work to build an aircraft in line with his own efforts. The Volkswagen engine was used in the handmade aircraft and the propeller is made of teakwood. Due to paresis he experienced in 2006, his hand movement coordination was limited but nevertheless he made an effort to complete his aircraft and could perform engine run-up checks. He could not obtain prior-permission so he was not able to fly his plane.

Mustafa Baki Altınalev who lived with a passion for aviation throughout his life passed away in 2006.

The handmade aircraft of Mr. Mustafa Baki Altınalev, who dedicated himself to aviation, was donated to M.S.Ö Air & Space Museum by his daughter Zerrin Çetin and his wife Sultan Altınalev.