It is assumed that "Volunteers” of M.S.Ö Air & Space Museum who take part in the restoration works, events and organizations organized by the Museum are willing to provide their experience, material and moral support without expecting anything in return...

It is expected from those who serve as "Volunteer" of M.S.Ö. Air and Space Museum to fulfill the assigned tasks without any differentiation with their own will to support all kinds of tasks...

Individuals who work as "Volunteer" cover all expenses incurred on their own to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Museum… They do not impose additional financial burden on the Museum Management…

Although not a professional employee of the Museum, It is expected from those who serve as “Volunteer” to fulfill every assigned task 'Professionally', no matter how simple the task is…


Name of the event: Children Painting Exhibition

About the event: You may mail your aviation and space themed drawings to the museum. The size of the paper and technique is up to our children.

How to participate: On the corner of your drawing, make sure to write your name, last name, your age and date. Mail the drawing to the following address: Yeşilköy Mah. Sivrihisar Havacılık Merkezi, Sivrihisar / Eskişehir

Event Date: Happening now


Name of the event: TBA.

About the event: TBA. 

How to participate: TBA.

Event Date: TBA.