The brand, which essentially produced weapons in the 1860s, started motorcycle production in the early 1900s. BSA, producer of quality engines used during the war, has become famous for the fast and robust engines it sold to the British Army. BSA has taken its place in history as the brand that produced the highest number of motorcycles for the Second World War, produced various series of motorcycle in the years after and is considered as the best classical engine brand today.

Known for its basket design, the M series were used by the pioneer and scout troops during WWII. The company ceased production in 1973.

The BSA B31 in our museum was first launched in 1945 and was promoted by the company after the WWII. Based on the pre-war design, a 348 cc engine with single-cylinder four stroke with displacement was used. The original design in the first years of production was preserved as no significant change was made to the chassis and body.

1957 BSA B31 Motorcycle was added to the collection of the M.S.O. Air & Space Museum with the contributions of Mr. Yener Sonuşen in November 2020.