M.S.Ö. Hava ve Uzay Müzesi


BELL UH-1H (HUEY) is designed by the American company “Bell Helicopter Textron” in 1952 and the serial production of this model began in 1956. These helicopters are produced for military transportation and they are called UH-1 Iroquois as well. They are also used for search & rescue, transportation and training.

It is known that more than 16.000 UH-1 helicopters are produced up to now. They are also as military helicopters by US army during The Vietnam War. Approximately 7.000 of these helicopters served in Vietnam with the nickname “Huey”.

UH-1H, which was produced at first only for military purposes received more attention than expected and served for civilian purposes as well. Huey which is one of the most famous helicopters of the world, is still serving in many countries. Türkiye, is one of the countries which gets UH-1 Helicopters in the inventories of Army since 1970.   The skeleton structure of UH-1 Huey depends on Bell Model 204. It is powered by Lycoming T53-L-13B 1400 HP Turboshaft engine. It has two bladed main and tail rotors.

UH-1 helicopter with serial number 66-17072 in the inventory of MSÖ Air & Space Museum is produced in 1967. It is used for the air transportation of “Hornet Attack Team” during the Vietnam War. On its final flight in Vietnam, helicopter was hit by a rocket in the air and received a big damage, and it made a forced landing. However the crew survived unhurt. Therefore, it is accepted as a real “Vietnam Veteran”. This way on the front part of the helicopter, a big yellow “hornet” figure is seen which is identified with the Attack Team. It is one of the few UH-1H helicopters returned to America after the Vietnam War. UH-1H with the serial 66-17072 was repaired in Bell factory and then flew in ranks of US Army.

UH-1 H, condited in MSÖ Air & Space Museum is in fly airworthy condition.

Lenght:                               17,4 m.

Widht:                                 2,62 m.

Height:                                 4,39 m.

Rotor vane diameter:       14,63 m.

Engine type:                       1 x Textron Lycoming T53-L-13

Engine power:                    1x 1400 HP

Range:                                 507 km.

Empty wieght:                   2.363 kg.

Max. departure weight:   4.309 kg.

Crew:                                   1-2 pilots

Capacity:                          Changes according to the temperature and altitude. Approximately 8-10 people.