M.S.Ö. Hava ve Uzay Müzesi


     Produced by De Havilland in United Kingdom/England, DH-82 Tiger Moth takes place in the history of aviation as one of the most popular single engine, biplane, military and civilian training aircrafts of its time. During and before WW II, it was used for training purposes by the Royal Air Forces (RAF), United Kingdom Air Force and the national air forces of many countries.

     The production of Tiger Moth began in 1930s. The aircraft has two seats with an open cockpit. It has a wooden propeller and its body and wings are covered with cloth. It is empowered by “Gipsy Major I” engine with 145 HP.

     DH-82 Tiger Moth prototype was developed from the previous model, DH 60 Moth. Some basic changes were made in case of a need for jumping with a parachute. Another change was made on the fuel tanks placed near the cockpit which were causing an obstacle, resulting in the upper wing moving further than the lower wing.

     Another distinctive quality of Tiger Moth model is the circular arm control which takes place only in the lower wing, providing a quick fix of ailerons during risky maneuvers. There is also a system called “Slat” on the upper wing heading edge to hold in the air at very slow speeds.

    After WW II, some of these aircrafts were sold to flight clubs and civilians. They were used for air advertising, air ambulance, acrobatics and glider pull.

    Produced in 1942, with serial number T7471, Tiger Moth is in the inventory of MSÖ Air & Space Museum. The most significant quality of Tiger Moth in our museum is that it is a “film star”. DH 82 Tiger Moth is the aircraft used in the movie “The English Patient”, which was shot in 1996, receiving the Oscar Award in 9 branches.

    DH.82 Tiger Moth is in airworthy condition and was brought to MSÖ Air & Space Museum with the contributions of Mr. Ali İsmet Öztürk.


 Crew:              1-2

Lenght:            7,34 m.

Wingspan:       8,94 m.

Height:            2,68 m.

Wing area:      22,2 m.

Empty weight: 506 kg.

Motor:              1 x de Havilland Gipsy Major I