M.S.Ö. Hava ve Uzay Müzesi


Phantom type ultralight aircrafts were designed by John Dempsy. It was produced in 1986 and built as high wing and two seat. It has 50 hp Rotax 503 engine and tricycle landing gear. It was designed as a training aircraft. The restoration of this aircraft was carried out by the young people who devoted themselves to aviation, under the supervision of an experienced technician, in S.U.S.H.M Air Park.

   It was brought into M.S.Ö. Air & Space Museum by Mr. Mustafa YAVUZ.


Empty Weight         : 474 lbs

MTOW                            : 974 lbs

Fuel Capacity          : 10 gal

Maximum Speed   : 75 mph

Cruising Speed        : 68 mph

Service Ceiling    : 14,500 ft

Rate of Climb        : 653 fpm

Wing Span              : 29’11’’

Height                         : 8’5’’

Lenght                        : 16’11’’

Range                     : 175 miles