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The twin-engined, tail-dragged passenger plane DC-3 is produced by the American “Douglas Aircraft Company”  as a developed version of DC-2 model and it has revolutionized the air transportation in 1930s and 1940s. It accomplished  its first flight on December 17, 1935 and it attracted the attention of many airlines with its high passenger capacity and fast and economic  operation. 

Douglas DC-3 which is now in M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum envantery  with the serial number 2204 was delivered to an airline company  with the name “Flagship Cleveland” in 1940. Then as America entered the Second World War, it was assigned to American Air Forces (USAAF)and it was sent to Europe. .  During this transfer flight,  when it landed on “South Greenland” in order to buy fuel, İt accomplished the duty of destroying the German submarines around with grenades. The grenades were sent down by the staff from the dismantled door. Therefore,  this  aircraft has become “the first and the only DC-3” sent for the air bombardments.

 After the war, the aircrraft was purchased by Trans Texas Airlines. Then, it continued to fly at  Provincetown-Boston  Airlines in 1971 and Champlain Air Company in 1992. DC-3 was bought by Swiss-centered Super Constellation Flyers Association in 2009, and It continued to fly as it was sponsored by Breitling. In 2017, it accomplished a world tour with the sponsorship of Breitling and it acquired the title of “the oldest plane to travel  all around the world”. In this world tour, it flew 45.400 km for 258 hours and accomplished 147 land and lift-offs. Besides, this special aircraft flew to 27 countries and 62 cities with 1022 passengers from many different countries. It also flew at the airshows world-wide  and  it had a role as a movie and a TV star in various films and documentaries

This “still flying” DC-3 was brought to the envanteries of M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum in March 2019.

This legendary plane’s name became “Turkish Delight” and it took its place in Turkish skies.  

In total, 16.079 DC-3s have been produced by Douglas Aircraft Company.  However,  today only 100 of these aircrafts are functional in flight  and unfortunately  this number is in reduce.

        Douglas DC-3 “Turkish Delight” was brought  to M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum by Ali İsmet ÖZTÜRK and Kamuran KESKİN. 

Technical Qualities:

Length        : 19.7 meters              

Height        : 5.2 meters                

Wing width: 29 meters                

Motor: 2 x Pratt & Whitney R1830

Stall Rate    : 64 knots                         

Horse Power     : 2 x 1200 hp

Propeller             : Hamilton Standard         

Cruise Speed    : 135 knots                  

Takeoff Speed  : 85 knots                      

Approach Speed: 85 knots

Altitude                 : 18.000 ft