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It is produced by Cessna Company. 190 and 195 are the developed versions of Cessna 165 and 195A is the only aircraft with radial engine produced after the second world war. The first prototype flew in 1945 and then the production began in 1947. Model 195 was also used as a transport and service aircraft under the name of LC-126 / U-20 by the Unites States Army, United States Airforce and Army National Guards.

One of the most significant qualities of Cessna 195 is that it is completely made up of aluminum. Cessna 190 and 195 Businessliners have the tail wheel landing gears. 195 A has 350 horsepower and its stem diameter is comperatively bigger than the other Cessna aircrafts since it has a Jacobs R-755-A2 turbo-charged radial engine.

Due to its comfort, Cessna 195 Businessliner is preferred by some aircraft rental companies. 

Cessna 195 A with 7504 serial number was produced in 1950 and now it takes places in the inventory of M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum.

Cessna 195 A Businessliner can fly and is brought to M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum with the contributions of Kamuran Keskin and Yener Sonuşen in 2020.

Technical qualities:

Crew:                                                   1

Capacity:                                             4 passengers

Lenght:                                                8,33 m.

Wingspan:                                          11,02 m.

Height:                                                2,37 m.

Curb weight:                                     930 kg.

Max. Take-off weight:                   1.519 kg.

Fuel capacity:                                    302 lt.

Cruise speed:                                    265 km/h

Max. Speed:                                      291 km/h

Range:                                                 1.110 km. (600 nm.)

Engine:                                                1 x Jacobs R-755-A2 turbo charged radial engine / 350 HP