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   Boeing Stearman is one of the most famous training biplane of the aviation history. Lloyd Stearman is the well known designer of the legendary Stearman biplanes with an open cockpit. In the early 1930’s, the Stearman Company designed and built a training airplane for the US Air Force and Navy. The prototype, named Model 70 flew in the skies in 1934, followed by the final production series Model 75 in  the same year. When the Stearman Company was taken over by Boeing, this airplane began to be  known as the BOEING STEARMAN, produced in large numbers by Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita, Kansas. Soon this biplane conquered the skies of the United States, Canada, South America and other parts of the planet. In the 1930’s and 40’s, this biplane was the standard trainer for pilots in the US Army and Navy.

   The name Stearman changed depending on the military branches and the nation it was flying in. The most common was the PT-17, equipped with a 220 hp Continental R-670-5 radial engine. Regardless of its model, the aircraft served as the main military training aircraft for many nations. The biplane’s body is constructed of a steel frame covered with fabric; its wings and tail is constructed of wood and covered also with fabric. Compared with the other metal aircrafts, this model has lowered the cost prices as well. Tandem open cockpit design allowed student pilots to sit in the  back cockpit and instructors to sit in the front. With the controls connecting the two cockpits, instructors could easily have control of the plane. 

 One of the most important features of these aircrafts is that they were produced by women, to be used  in combat pilot training during World War II.    During the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s a large number of these rugged airplanes were sold by the military government and had been in use for transportation, agricultural flying, airshows, aerial photography, staring in various movies and much more. With the help of its strong airframe, high lift and large wheels, this airplane is capable of landing and taking-off from short or rough places like fields, farmland or gravel roads. This is one of the reasons why this airplane was widely preferred by bush-pilots.

   There are currently two airworthy Boeing Stearmans in Türkiye and both of the aircrafts are located in Sivrihisar General Aviation Center.

 1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT-17), it has 7 cylinder radial Continental W670-6N engine and Sensenich W98AA-64 wooden propeller.

This biplane was brought into M.S.Ö. Air & Space Museum by Mr. Rauf AKBABA The aircraft is in airworthy condition


Empty Weight                : 1936 lbs

MTOW                                   : 2716 lbs

Fuel Consumption    : 12-13 gal/hr

Maximum Speed        : 124 mph

Cruising Speed             : 95 mph

Range                                   : 505 miles

Service Ceiling            : 13,000 ft

Rate of Climb                : 840 ft/min

Wing Span                      : 32’2’’

Height                                : 9’6’’

Length                                : 25’